[English Page] Toyohashi University of Technology Robot Contest Club

Welcome to the Toyohashi University Robocon Club “TOYOHASHI☆ROBOCONS” website!



We are students of Toyohashi University of Technology.

We are building robots to participate in the NHK Student Robocon with the aim of winning the competition, in which the winnnig team will be able to participate in the ABU Robocon. Our ultimate goal is to win the ABU Robocon and become its world champion.
We also participate in the Tokai Area Exchange Robot Contest, in which universities in the Tokai area compete, and the Kanto Spring Robot Contest. (The competitions we participate in vary from year to year).
Please browse through this page to learn about our activity goals and the competitions in which we participate.

Please support us!

To achieve our goals, we need funding. We are looking for companies, organisations and individuals who are willing to support us. If you are a company or organisation that would like to support us, please contact us using our contact form. And if you want some information about support, check out this page. You can find an overview of support here.

Join us!

And if you are a student or have been accepted to Toyohashi University of Technology, why don’t you join us in our journey of building the world’s robot? Our university tends to have many people from technical colleges (Kosen), and our club is no exception. Many of our members have experience in Kosen Robocon and Robot Master. However, many of the members who joined the club in the first year are beginners in robotics, so please feel free to join the club. For more information, please visit this page.

Activities in the community

Event at JR Toyohashi Station

In order to promote “Robocon” to the community, we hold various events where we display our robots and give children the opportunity to try piloting small robots. Please check our website and Twitter for information on these events.

We are also participating in a radio segment on FM Toyohashi (“Yashinomimi FM”) called “Business Trip! TOYOHASHI☆ROBOCONS” which is being broadcasted every evening of the fourth Monday each month. You can listen to the program via Internet simulcas. The content of the broadcast will be posted on our website and YouTube at a later date.

Our social networking accounts (Twitter, Facebook, YouTube) can be found on this page.